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2019-2020 Rules & Points of Emphasis

2019 2020 Officials Rules Interpretation:

** All contests will have sportsmanship card read prior to game

** Concussion rule - officials must remove player showing symptoms of head injury


 2019 2020 Rule Changes

1. Effective 24-25 season: Uniforms need to have numbers that can be easily seen.  


2. Headband is allowed to be 3 inches wide, no extensions or tied headbands, must be black, white, beige, or the color of the teams jersey. Every player must match 


3. Hair bands to tie up hair is not restricted to color, no beads or metal allowed in hair


4. Legal for rolling of shorts- restriction is only one manufacturer logo on shorts, can’t roll if when rolled two logos are showing, drawstrings can not be hanging out of shorts 


5. Mouthguards- not required


6. Head coach- when fighting is breaking out assistant coach can now go help situation. Need at least one assistant coach on bench to control bench players. 


7. Officials- new signal for jump ball- hand up to stop clock then thumbs up to signal jump ball


8. Medical alert medals be worn properly- only jewelry allowed to be worn, if wearing, must be taped to body with band showing what the medical condition is. 


9. Piercing- not allowed to be worn, no tapeing over new piercings  


10. Crowd control- prior to game officials meet with site manager to discuss security 


11. Rough play- officials will control rough play 















                 2019-2020 RULES CHANGES